Women and Their Children Health (WATCH Project)


To help make maternal and child health services available and accessible to women and children to improve maternal, neonatal and child health for underserved populations.

This will be done by maternal health education, Family Planning, gender groups activities, BCC activities at ante-natal etc.; VSLA activities with gender groups, identification of role models, emergency transport systems, capacity building of CHVs.

As part of the strategies employed to address the negative gender norms affecting maternal and child health, gender groups were formed targeting out of school youth clubs to empower them in gender issues to promote access to maternal and child health services.

Also as part of the empowering process, built capacities of youth/women groups in literacy programs in simple writing skills, records keeping etc and income generating activities to empower them with employable skills to be able to gain financial independence and thereby cater for their basic and health needs. Below are some key achievements.


  • Formed 4 youth/women Village Savings Associations(VSLA)  in Kadjebi and Hohoe in the Volta Region and over 50 youth/women group members empowered in reproductive health rights issues during VSLA meetings leading to reduction in the rate of teenage pregnancy among the youth.
  • Over 50 women Group members accessed loans from their VSLA and have engaged themselves in petty trading and farming and share profits on their VSLA on yearly basis
  • 5 Youth Volunteers supporting the maternal and child health project have been sponsored to complete their SHS education and have currently gained admissions into the Nursing School in the Volta Region.
  • 17 youth group members who were into sex trade have stopped completely after being supported on VSLA to access loans to start petty trading and being empowered in reproductive health and gender issues.


CIDA/Plan Ghana

April 2012 – March 2015

Volta Region