Our Executive Board

Dr. Bernice Adiku Heloo
Development Consultant, Founder and Board Member & Former Deputy Minister for Environment

She is a development consultant and an expert in Internal Relations. Has over 25 years’ experience in Development work and has worked with Development Agencies such as Care International before establishing Pro-Link. Has vast experience in using approaches such as Participatory Learning approaches, social mobilization, social engagement & Advocacy, Social and Behaviour Change Communication, among others in health related programmes and other social interventions. Has worked as Executive Director of Pro-Link since its establishment till May 2012 where she built a good track for Pro-Link under her leadership. In 2007, she was appointed the International President for SWAA which is in 40 African countries where she served for two terms. She has been very instrumental in mobilizing People Living with HIV (PLHIVs) in Ghana, forming support groups, nurturing, mentoring, building their capacities until they are able to operate on their own. Through these efforts, she has formed over 9 support groups of PLHIVs that are currently operating as NGOs. She is the former Deputy Minister for Environment.

Mrs. Rebecca Damalie

Gender Specialist, Educationist and Board Chair

She is a Gender Specialist and an Educationist. Has over 20 years’ experience in development work and assisted many CSOs and NGOs in the development of gender models, policies and supported many organizations to mainstream gender into their health related programs and other social intervention. She has served on several boards including the Society for women and AIDs in Africa Ghana branch. Currently she is the Assistance Headmistress of the Tema 


Dr. Kafui Affram

Ghanaian, Public Health Practitioner and Board Member

She holds a PHD in Public Health and currently a Lecturer at University of Ghana Nursing school. Has over 25 years’ experience in Public Health and Child Nutrition. A gender specialist and development consultant who has assisted many development agencies in building capacities of health personnel to effectively prevent malaria, promote child nutrition and MNCH and provision of user friendly health services.


Dr. Dela Heloo

Ghanaian, Finance and Taxation Professional and Board Secretary

He is a procurement specialist and a member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (MCIPS) U.K, member of the Chartered List of Taxation Ghana, and member of the International Tax Crime. Holds a PHD in Taxation and Masters in Finance. Founder of Growth Integrated Development Programmes (NGO) who has gained a lot of experience in development projects for the past 15 years and has also served as a Board member for many organizations over the years including Growth Compliance at Ghana Revenue Authority. He is retired Assistant Commissioner of Enforcement and Debt Management.

Mr. Obed Wordu

Ghanaian; Chartered Accountant, Legal Practitioner and Board Treasurer

He is a member of the Chartered Accountant Ghana and Ghana Bar Association. Has over 20 years’ experience in Financial Auditing, Compliance and management and provided consultancy in financial management and Compliance to many organizations, NGOs and Development Agencies. Currently, he works as a private practitioner providing Financial and legal consultancy services.

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