Techinik Solidaritaete Bicycle Project

Techinik Solidaritaete.v./fahrraederfuerAfrika Germany has partnered Pro-link organization for more than twelve (12) years on the bicycle project. The project is aimed at distributing bicycles to school children, orphans, farmers, teachers, health/ religious leaders and other marginalized groups. The Technik und Solidaritaete.v./fahrraederfuerAfrika has over the years supplied bicycles, sewing machines, wheelchairs, walking aids and books from Germany to this marginalized group and individuals who have not had access to school, vehicle, Library and clinics/hospitals.

All items received since have been distributed based on the laid down distribution criteria. These bicycles and other items have improved the lives of the various individuals and groups who benefited from the various items.

Pro-Link Organization acknowledges your selfless sacrifices which cannot be compensated for; indeed the effort of Techinik Solidaritaete.v./fahrraederfuerAfrika Germany has moved our beneficiaries closer to reaching their dreams. These donations are making a significant impact!

Success Story

Florence a disabled girl who never went to school benefited from last year’s consignment by receiving a wheelchair and money enabling her to now enroll to school. The family of our sister is grateful and shows how much they appreciate the donation. The donated wheelchair has made it possible for her to go to school.





Partner: Techinik solidaritaete.v./fahrraederfuerAfrika Germany

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