Quarterly Update: QSF Farming Program


The QSF Farming Program, stationed in the Volta Region of Ghana, in Kadjebi, is a program designed to train women in improved methods of agriculture that will Increase productivity, improve food security, and provide higher incomes for women’s households. These goals are accomplished by putting up platform incubation and inoculation centers and to set up the Village Savings & Loans Association (VLSA) among beneficiary groups.


The mission of the QSF Farming Program is to increase the income of approximately 100 women producers of Kadjebi by developing their skills. 

Specific objectives include: Practicing small-scale agriculture, using new agricultural techniques and marketing their agricultural products

Additionally, there is an emphasis on reducing gender inequality and gender-related violence commonly related to a lack of financial empowerment of the women in the community.




Women were trained to grow mushrooms, which they have been able to use not only to supplement their diets but to also gain income through the sales of the mushrooms, as they are in high demand. There is heightened awareness of domestic violence as a result of linking agriculture to gender. Gender roles are challenged as men assist women in the mushroom farms, and women contribute to the finances with the profit they receive from the selling of the produce.



I will no longer wait on him for money if I am to take my child to the clinic for treatment

– Sadia,
A beneficiary of QSF Farming Project


Initially only recognized as a mother support group, the women of the QSF Farming project have now registered as a community-based organization and have in-turn been able to source funds from Crossroad International.

Taking hte farming even further, they have now established a ginger processing factory that continues to enhance their economic empowerment and ability to contribute financially at home.

This project is scheduled to be replicated in additional two communities in November.
To learn more about other QSF programs, visit their website and blog.