Quarterly Update: JSI Care Continuum


The JSI Care Continuum project, also called the USAID Strengthening the Care Continuum, headed by Pro-Link’s Bernice Mpere Gyekye as coordinator for Greater Accra and Joseph Sarpong for the Ashanti region, is a project implemented in the Ga West Municipality in Greater Accra  and Obuasi & Bekwai in the Ashanti Region, designed to provide quality HIV services, as well as support to KP’s in the communities.


The mission if the JSI Care Continuum project is to strengthen capacity, identify, prioritize, test, and scale-up evidence-based activities to expand access to, uptake of, and retention in quality HIV services. Additionally, the program aims to support the improvement and coordination of integration of Female Sex Workers (FSWs), Men sleeping with men (MSMs), and Key Population Living with HIV (KPLHIV).


Algorithm for Key Population Programming



The team, comprised of 16 core staff and 22 volunteers, have been able to engage upwards of 5000KPS 34% of the HIV positive yield were identified through moonlight testing, and 28% through going door-to-door
(see below)


Leading methods in HIV testing



A complication experiences with the facilitation of the JSI project was the testing for viral load and getting the results. To resolve this issue, a lot of follow-ups have been made at the ART facilities and Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Bekwai Government hospital and Obuasi Government hospital resulting in us testing more KPs and obtaining the results.

We also did not have enough condoms and lubricants to distribute to the KPs and those bought from private stores were very expensive.

The JSI Care Continuum project will continue to facilitate their testing, monitoring, and support of the KPs, and have intentions of creating an improved system for case managers to take better record of their clients, and ensure all those due for viral load get tested.