Quarterly Update: Empower Program


The Empower Project, spearheaded by Pro-Link’s Romeo Gloverberg, is a program dedicated empowering disadvantaged youth through education. Stationed in the Western region of Ghana, in the Ellenda community, the Empower Program teaches computer and mobile repairs, website design and development and entrepreneurial skills to encourage the youth to be leaders in the tech world.



The mission of the Empower Program is to do just that, EMPOWER! Pro-Link provides employable skills to a group of unemployed youth to encourage entrepreneurship and financial empowerment. Through the Empower Program, more than 200 youth have been able to receive training in computer hardware and software repairs, mobile repairs and more. With the help of the project coordinator, two specialists in computer hardware and software, website design and networking, and using the ToT (Trainer of Trainees) method, youth have been able to get a deep understanding of the concepts, while sharing knowledge with other youth.




This quarter, 40 youth provided ToT’s to 40+ youth, resulting in a total of over 80 youth continuing to develop their skill sets, and establish themselves in the tech industry. 10+ youth secured employment (2 of which are self-employed) in software or hardware repairs using their Empower Program graduation certificates as valid evidence of their skill sets. 2 youth traveled to a neighboring country, Abijan, to replicate the program and train others in the skills they acquired while in the Empower Program.



There are always challenges with every project,
but the solutions are what matters!

– Romeo Gloverberg,
Empower Program Project Coordinator



Obstacles in the facilitation of programs of this nature are always expected, but the team of Pro-Link staff and other facilitators were able to alleviate many of them by incorporating the following meetings into the scope of the program:

  1. Six youth meeting sessions were held during the period. This was designed to ensure that the youth meet their peers, share knowledge, skills and ideas to promote holistic development of the youth and to encourage more participation.
  2. Youth meetings were held sometimes in the form of community programmes and health fitness activities such as sports among other healthy competitions.
  3. A review meeting was also held on a monthly basis to engage the students, sometimes with parents and guardians to ensure other problems that might hinder youth participation and focus could be resolved.


A stakeholders meeting was held in September, where many aspects of the program were discussed, one of which is to convert the resource center into a computer training school and opening the center to other related activities like graphic design training and branding.

Although the website is still under construction, visit the Empower Program website, completely designed and developed by the youth, to learn some more about what’s next for the Empower Program and the Ellenda community youth.