Promoting access to SR/MH services among Women and girls in the Hohoe Municipality

To promote sexual reproductive health rights among women and girls to engage duty bearers to demand for services and create access to SRHR/MH services

This will be done by improving knowledge, attitudes and practices of key health behaviours as well as provide information on human rights/SRHR/ gender issues to female sex-workers, Non-pp and PLHIVs to promote access HIV/SRHR/GBV services and gender based violence services in 14 districts in central, Ashanti, Volta, Eastern and greater Accra regions of Ghana.


  • Selected 15 representatives from local Government Agencies and Health Service providers in the Hohoe Municipality and educated them on the Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and the need for women and girls to have access to these rights.
  • Formed 20 Mummies, 20 daddies and 20 youth clubs in 20 communities, built capacities of 2 leaders per group per community (160) on advocacy skills and sexual reproductive health rights facilitated sessions in their clubs and engaged duty bearers on quarterly basis to hold them accountable and demand for their rights.
  • Facilitated 12 sessions of club leaders engagement with duty bearers and service providers on issues identified on SRHR.
  • Over 1500 women and youth supported to access family planning services and 341 youth accessed STI services.

Alliance for Reproductive Health Rights ;

May 2008 – June 2011

Hohoe Municipality, Volta Region