The Obrapaa Group are fifteen women, aged 18 – 40 who live in Accra, Ghana. They are peer educators with Pro Link Ghana. Pro Link Ghana’s mission is to advocate and empower disadvantaged people, especially women and girls, to improve their human rights, health, education and socio-economic status. As Peer Educators, the Obrapa Women’s Group encourage others in their community to get HIV/Aids testing and STI screening, as well as carry out condom distribution campaigns. Outside of their Peer Educator duties, they also work collectively on creative arts projects and they specialize in traditional African beaded jewelry and accessories using recycled glass beads made sustainably and locally in Ghana.

Biakoye Jewelry collection:  With the support of Pro Link Ghana and the assistance of Crossroads International volunteer and Women’s Entrepreneurship Advisor Asia Clarke, the Obrapa Women’s Group has created the BIAKOYE Jewelry collection.
The BIAKOYE collection was developed, developed and handcrafted by the Obrapaa Women’s Group in Accra, Ghana for the purpose of their economic empowerment. The Obrapa Women’s Group members sell their beadwork in markets across Accra.

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Overcoming Challenges: Some of the challenges faced by the Obrapa Women’s Group include:

  • Adequate ecomomic oppourtunities to combat poverty.
  • Access to international markets and foreign economic opportunity.
  • Access to digital literacy and e-commerce training.
  • Funding needs of small start-up business.
  • Increased cost of living in the city.
  • Community support for HIV/Aids affected communities and more…..

– Crossroads International volunteer
– Asia Clarke (Women’s Entrepreneurship Advisor)
– Vitamin Angels


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