Interview: Mecha Clarke on her time with ProLink Organization

Mecha Clarke, a Canadian volunteer from one of our most trusted partners, Crossroads International, has been the person behind our current social media and communications efforts. With a background in Graphic & Web design and Communications, Mecha has been working to help us gain exposure and really show the public what Pro-Link Ghana Organization is all about.

Here are some of Mecha’s insights on her time with our team so far.

My name is Mecha Clarke, and I am the communications volunteer for ProLink Ghana.

I have been here for about 4 months now and can say that how I experience the Ghanaian work culture now, compared to when I first arrived, has changed dramatically.

Life’s pace in Toronto, where I’m from, is significantly faster and, unfortunate to say, sometimes cutthroat.

I recall working for companies and having deadlines that couldn’t be budged if you were sick, if someone died, or if the world ended. I remember working hours and hours after my “work day” had finished because the culture is alright with work consuming your entire life. I remember not enjoying what I was doing at all but thinking I had no other option because my employer made me feel like I was lucky to have a job, despite my qualifications being greater than the work I was doing.

This is what I was prepared to encounter here as well. Not the case.


“My work with ProLink has been
refreshing and rewarding.”

My work with ProLink has been refreshing and rewarding. Although the pace is a bit slower than I am accustomed to, it seems like people are more compassionate here with regards to having a life and family and struggles outside of the workplace.

I spend my time facilitating workshops covering creating content for social media to help ProLink gain exposure with the right audience, interviewing people to create interesting blog posts and updating the website among some other design related tasks. The communications role has not only let me understand the organization better, but to understand the partners, past volunteers, and the ProLink staff better as well.

I look forward to continuing to transfer my skills to help build the capacity of the ProLink Ghana team, while also using social media, blogging and the website to increase the public awareness of the projects that they are involved in because there are so many that are so important.

I’m grateful for this mandate opportunity.