The aim of the Global Fund project is to reduce new HIV infections and deaths among Key Populations in 3 years in Greater Accra and Volta Region in Ghana.

The project focused mainly on service such asMobile HTS, BCC activities, Condom promotion, CCE (Stigma reduction in FSW communities and Health centers), Referrals for STI and HIV services, DIC services


  • Reached 11,725 FSWs with HIV interventions,
  • Established over 50 condom outlets
  • Distributed and sold 5,436,417 pieces of condoms to FSWs
  • Trained over 60 FSWs as Peer Educators.
  • 9,482 FSWs received HIV testing services and received their test results.
  • Set up 4 DICs which have provided HIV/STI services to over 500 FSWs
  • 289 Health Personnel reached with stigma reduction programmes (Community Capacity Enhancement) at Health Facilities and 1,277 persons in FSW communities
  • Enrolled 72 positive KPs into continuum of care and treatment.


SUCCESS STORY(+ one quote)

Miss V, though not her real name, went to a popular spot in Obuasi called Champion Mcclean Joint to conduct peer education sessions for her colleagues and also sell some condoms after hours of educating her peers, she decided to settled for a drink and was approached by a well dressed man who offered to buy her drinks which she declined. Upon several appeal she decided to accept a fruit drink. But on condition that her colleague PEs will be allowed to join them, which the man accepted. After taking the drink, the man requested they go out and relax which she reluctantly accepted. She sat in the man’s BMW X5 unregistered car, telling herself it was going to be a good night. He took her to a nearby guest house, books a room and took her in. On reaching there, the man demanded to have anal sex with her which she declined. He then decided to have sex with her but without a condom, which she refused. The man enticed her with money but she refused although she knew she could use the money to pay her rent. Realizing that she wasn’t going to agree to the have sex  without no matter the amount, the man become violent and decided to force her. She fought back, kicking the man’s abdomen and run out with her blood stained torn dress and the man’s stained singlet in her hand. She called Pro-link Field Officers who referred her to an M-Friend at DOVVSU and Obuasi Government Hospital.

 She came Pro-link Office the next day for more support. In her word she stated that for the education she had received from Pro-link she would have allowed the man to have sex with her without condom and suffered the consequences. She thank Pro-link and ADRA Ghana for the Project stating that investigation has revealed that that particular man is abusing women all over Obuasi and he is believe to be infected with HIV. DOVVSU is searching for the perpetrators and the survivor is doing well thanks to the support she received from the Pro-link/ADRA Ghana Project.


Global Fund/ / ADRA/ALCO/NFMI

January 2015 to December 2017

Greater Accra;  AMA,  La Nkwantanang, Lekma, Ayawaso West, Ga East
Volta Region;  Aflao, Kadjebi in addition to ALCO-Abidjan Lagos Corridor (Aflao/Elubo)