ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION – Coconut and Woodlot Plantation Hinda and Peter’s (AJWS Volunteers) Support

To embark on coconut and woodlot plantation project to protect the reclaimed beaches in collaboration with the Youth Club in Keta.

Keta located in the Volta Region of Ghana about two generations ago (60 years) had good coconut plantations along the coastal area which were washed away by the sea erosion. On completion of the sea defence wall, the coast now lies bare exposed to wind and surface water erosion. Houses in the area were exposed to the wind from the sea. The Keta Lagoon which was partly surrounded by white mangrove and good savanna grass vegetation now lies bare.


  • In all 1,400,000 coconut seedlings have been planted. During the first phase of the project, 2,700 coconut trees and 1,000 acacia seedlings were planted along the beaches covering 7 communities.
  • Also in collaboration with the District Chief Executive of Keta, three hundred (300) coconut seedlings were purchased and planted in four (4) communities and five hundred (500) coconuts seedlings were nursed and planted along the coast by the youth


AJWS/ Youth Club in Keta

2007 – 2009

Keta, Volta Region

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