Care Continum Project

The Strengthening Care Continuum project wishes to strengthen capacity, identify, prioritize, test, and scale-up evidence-based activities to expand access to, uptake of, and retention in quality HIV services as well as support the improvement and coordination of integration of HIV activities targeting FSWs and Non-PPs, MSMs, KPLHIVs.

To promote healthy growth and total wellbeing of the underprivileged and vulnerable people in our rural communities. Additionally, we aim to empower women/youth/key populations on (HIV/STI/TB/SRHR/MH) issues to be more assertive to engage health providers and duty bearers and ensure access to these services.



  • Reached 5414 FSWs and 1129 MSMs with HIV prevention messages which included HIV/STI/TB, HTS, human rights, and SGBV.
  • Established over 50 condom outlets and distributed and sold 502,117 pieces of condoms and 13,500 pieces of lubricants to FSWs and MSMs
  • Trained over 60 FSWs as Peer Educators.
  • 5436 FSWs and 906 MSMs received HIV testing services and received their test results of which 217 FSWs and 128 MSMs tested positive.
  • Enrolled in care and initiated 201 FSWs and 99 MSMs on ART.
  • Screened 3480 FSWs and treated 580 of STIs
  • Screened 906 MSMs and treated 358 of STIs.
  • Provided DIC services in AMA and La Nkwantanang
  • Screened 3480 FSWs and 906 MSMs with the GBV tool and referred survivors of SGBV to M-FRIENDS who linked them to support services.


SUCCESS STORY (+ one quote)

Maame (not her real name) is a Tarkoradi girl and an FSW (Female Sex Worker) who traveled to Obuasi in search of her own share from the boom through prostitution. After two months in Obuasi she fell sick. Instead of taking her to the hospital her friends took her to a spiritualist because they believed it was a curse from their other colleagues.

 One FSW who had been reached by Pro-Link contacted the field officer for Obuasi for assistance.  Upon getting to know the plight of this lady the field officer arranged a visit to the Spiritualist camp. After long hours of interaction and education, Maame agreed to do HTS and the result came out reactive. She was counseled and referred for confirmation test at Obuasi Government Hospital ART Center. She, however, failed to show up for a second appointment with the nurse at the hospital and when she was traced we realized she has gone back to the spiritual camp and threatened that she would die if she didn’t follow the spiritualists’ instructions.

 Pro-link field officer engaged the man assuring him of the return of the lady to continue with the exercise. The man agreed and subsequently allowed her to go.  She was taken to the hospital and subsequently diagnosed with HIV. She was admitted to the facility for a while and a case manager was assigned to help her. She was supported to do the medicals and labs, put on ARVT drugs and is now monitored continuously to make sure she does not default.

 “I can now move about unsupported and do things I previously could not do.
I believe with the ART drugs my strength will be fully restored so I can return to Takoradi
to my family and friends”.