Addressing Gender related Aspect of HIV

Donors: Ghana AIDS Commission/DANIDA
Period: May 2009 – April 2012
Overall Objective:  The main aim of this project was in partnership with GHS create demand and expand access to high quality services in order to reduce new HIV infections among women and girls especially as well as their male counterparts in the Greater Accra, Ashanti and Eastern regions of Ghana.

1. Advocated for development of guidelines on Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) by National AIDs Control Programme for use by health providers at STI/CT Health centers and Regional Health Directors to ensure access to PEP at District levels within 72 hours.

2. Mobilized 18 Stakeholders 2 per districts and developed concepts for BCC materials and distributed 22,386 BCC materials distributed in all the districts to community members, partners, stakeholders, in and out of school youth among others. 

3. Formed 45 Community Health Advocacy Teams (CHAT) in in the 9 Districts and 45 Opinion leaders trained in advocacy skills and as legal literacy volunteers (LLVs) who worked with CHATs reached over 279,193 community members with information on gender in the context of HIV..

4. Formed 9 Inter-sectorial committees made up of key stakeholders meet address negative gender issues in the context of HIV/SRHR identified by CHATs, set bye-laws, lobbied and advocated for the enforcement of these 2 bye-laws by the District Assemblies.

5. Formed STAR Clubs (Society Tackling AIDs through RIGHTS) in 5 schools per district and 180 STAR circles in 10 communities per district for out of school youth; 

6. Trained 45 peer leaders (1) in each school and 90 out of school peer leaders who reached 286,789 out of school youth and 108,967 in-school youth 

7. Set up 9 youth friendly Drop Centres in each district to promote access to information and HIV/SRHR services. 

8. Screened and treated 2131 youth of STIs in all the nine districts as well as referred 208 survivors of sexual violence for PEP services of which 168 accessed the PEP package.

Organized 12 Advocacy Programmes on community radios on bi-monthly basis, community information centers and 4 TV programmes